Superhero Blaster Crochet Gloves


So. It’s been a while since my last post.

Life got away from me there for a bit, and I was too busy to scratch my own face let alone make anything. We were trying to get our house extension ready in time for Christmas, so we would have a little bit more space. We succeeded!

I’m not ready to show pictures of the house yet, as it is currently still in the “crapfest bomb-site” stage, but as soon as it looks less hovel-like I will show the world! Its been a long time coming, and I am super excited about it finally, FINALLY being finished.

NOW. I have been working on a couple of things for the last few weeks, and today I am going to show you the SUPERHERO BLASTER GLOVES!!! Master 3 is mildly obsessed with Iron Man at present, to the point where he runs around the house in a mask yelling “I’M SO POWERFUL! I’M SO POWERFUL!” at full volume.

So I thought I would make him some blaster gloves so that when we play Iron Man Vs Swamp Monster (yes, that is a thing. And yes, I am the swamp monster), he has something to “blast” me with, other than pipe cleaners tied around his wrists (also a thing.)

So here they are, in all their nerdy glory.

“I’m so powerful!”

I took some liberties with the design, with some yellow triangles on the tops for decoration, that Iron Man doesn’t have. But these aren’t strictly Iron Man gloves, and I can do what I want. Marvel doesn’t own me.

I think they turned out pretty well, considering I was just winging it. Next time I would probably make them bigger, as when I sewed on the design pieces the gloves lost some stretch. So now its a team effort to get them on. Avengers, assemble!


If anyone would like a copy of the pattern, just comment and I’ll write it up for you. I won’t charge for this one because obviously there are licensing issues and INTELLECTUAL THEFT IS BAD. Or so I’ve heard.

One more pic, just because he’s cute.



I hope you have enjoyed my little post about my little superhero, and maybe inspired someone to go forth and make something new. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Please. I have kids and need adult interaction.

Coming up next week, or whenever I get around to it, CROCHET LOOP STITCH GOAT COSTUME!!


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