Crochet Princess-Inspired Beanie

Hello again blog world.

Life has been hectic, pretty much the same stuff as last time. House building, kid stuff (first blood tests for them both this week – testing for Coeliac disease. What fun.), and just general mayhem.

Anyway, to the point, Batman!

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a high school friend. Betsy. Let’s call her Betsy. Betsy has a sweet little girl who has Alopecia – a sucky, sucky condition characterised by hair loss. Her daughter is only 4 and has already lost 95% of her hair.

Betsy asked my to create a hair/hat/beanie for her little girl to wear, especially as she starts next year. I was only too happy to oblige, with my primary objective being to make so cute, that she will be the envy of the classroom.

Here is my work:



The hat is a combination of double crochet stitches and harlequin stitch, that I worked out through much trial and error. The hair is an acrylic and mohair blend, super soft, and attached around the rim of the hat.

The pattern for the butterflies I found here, on a crochet forum called Crochetville. It’s such a cute little pattern, and they have versions for either big or small butterflies.


I found the pattern for the little orange flowers here on Craftster. It gets a little confusing trying to understand the “DDC” stitch in written form, but once I figured it out they came together really well.

Lastly, the blue flower pattern is available as a free download from Ravelry. I attached some little buttons instead of using two colours, mostly because I didn’t realise it had two colours before I started. I think the buttons add a little something though.

If you would like the pattern for the hat and hair, just let me know. I’m happy to share!



8 thoughts on “Crochet Princess-Inspired Beanie

      1. Me too~ I always think any little flaw is blatantly obvious !! even if only I know it’s there ..but that’s what makes it handmade with love rather than mass produced – I hope πŸ™‚

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