Egbert The Owl – Free Amigurumi Pattern

It’s been a jolly whirlwind of a fortnight!

Mr Makeables and I have been working hard building the extension (we almost have a roof, yay!) and I’m still recovering from back-to-back colds. I am in the process of making that furoshiki tutorial- it will happen, I’m just waiting for Mr Makeables to have some spare time to help with editing. Also, a friend from high school got in contact with me about making a very special hat for her four year old daughter (more on this in a future post!)

Then I went and bought a Harry Potter purse for myself, because CHRISTMAS!

So with little further ado, I give you- Egbert.

Egbert likes to perch on top of my antique book collection- the cheek!

Egbert is such a sweet little guy, though he caused me a great deal of trouble trying to work out the pattern. This is only the second pattern I have designed though, so I am counting this as a victory!

I used three different coloured yarns, worked together, to achieve the mottled look. I also want to experiment with some different colours and textures with the same pattern, for a future post.

All photos by Mr Makeables


Master 3 has been dying to get his hands on Egbert for the past few days. After all, his love of owls was what inspired me to make him.


His body and head are one joined piece, with wings, feet, eyes, beak and “weird ear bits” sewn on afterwards. He doesn’t sit up very well at the moment, though I can manipulate him to sit . He is a bit top heavy and would benefit from some beads or rice to make him more balanced.

I see you, Dumbledore!

Egbert the amigurumi owl is a free pattern for anyone who subscribes. I am still formatting the pattern, and will have it ready in the next week.  I also have plans to make some tutorial videos to show any tricky parts, although someone with even a little experience in crochet should have no trouble.


I loved making Egbert. It was great to be able to experiment with different ideas to come up with a pattern. Please comment and share your patterns and ideas too, or just anything you are working on at the moment!

Please subscribe/follow my blog to receive your copy of this pattern for free! Once you have subscribed, post an email address as a comment here, and I will send the pattern in the next week! Happy making!


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