Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping: Furoshiki



I love Christmas. Like, LOVE it. It’s October and I’ve already done the majority of the shopping. I’ve saved Christmas food ideas on Pinterest. I’ve started reading Master 3 Christmas books. I’ve even wrapped the majority of the presents we have already.

Yes, I hear you say, we get it, you love Christmas. But I don’t think you do get it.

Around this time of the year, when the weather starts to heat up and the Springtime hay fever attacks make me resemble a crack addict, I start getting the “Christmas Feeling”. This is what I call the sudden and inexplicable joy that overcomes me when I am reminded of Christmas. It could be triggered by the smell of cut grass (here comes the volley of sneezes), the cool change that comes at dusk or, more obviously, the ridiculously early displays of festive decorations at the local supermarket.

So, naturally, I try to prolong the magic of Christmas for as long as possible. And if that means starting my preparation mid-year, then that’s what’s going to happen.

Those of you who have read my earlier post about Howard the Dinosaur, would know that I’m a giant Eco-geek. I’m OK with it. The idea of all that wrapping paper just being dumped in landfill makes me sad, and Christmas is no time for sadness.


Pinterest led me to furoshiki– the Japanese art of wrapping stuff in squares of fabric. Once you have your fabric wrapping, you can keep it forever, give it as part of the gift, or swap wrapping back and forth with family if they can be convinced to join in.

Honestly, I have been having so much fun with this.

I’ve sourced colourful fabric from op-shops (I believe they are called “thrift shops” in the US), even dresses and skirts that I wouldn’t be caught dead in but that make great wrapping.


It takes a bit longer to wrap each gift, but I’ve been using it as kind of an art project so it’s been very fulfilling. I also have plans to sew some fabric into drawstring gift bags, decorated with twine and pine cones etc.

I’m hoping to take some more photos when it’s actually Christmas time and the gifts are piled under the tree.

Coming next week- a tutorial on the art of furoshiki, because I was dissatisfied with those I found already on the internet.

Does anyone else have any Eco-friendly holiday hacks?? Let me know! 


24 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping: Furoshiki

    1. Thanks! I love to make gifts where possible, using recycled materials. We are making birdhouses and fabric wrapped bracelets for family members this year.
      In fact, Howard the Dinosaur (in one of my earlier posts) was made from fabric scraps from previous projects.

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  1. I like to share gifts – made from recycled paper in Uganda… the handmade beaded jewelry helps create income generating opportunities and gives entrepreneurial training to the most impoverished women in Uganda, and other East African countries. As a volunteer for 7 years, I love creating markets for their goods especially for Christmas sharing!

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