New Projects and Beginnings

Hi and welcome to my blog!! Woo!

I decided I needed somewhere to narcissistically show off all the stuff I make, because I’m sure my family and friends are sick of it. So if you’ve happened to stumble across this site, I hope you like the random collections of things you’ll find here.

Also, while I’m an old hand at crochet and other old lady arts, my sewing machine and I are still getting acquainted. So any patterns I post may be iffy. Feel free to ask if you have any issues with them!

Please share my patterns around, but give credit where its due (over here!) and don’t sell the finished items for profit. It’s not cool.

So here are some pics of my current project- a stuffed dinosaur toy for my son’s first birthday. Its taken me a while to design but the pattern is finally coming together, just have to adjust some things for the arms and legs.

Please excuse the dodgy image, I was taking pics while getting dinner and looking after two young kids.

Also without his feet, dino is too top heavy to sit up yet, hence my holding his tail. I may need to put rice in his bum, but we shall see.

Thanks for reading, I will post some more when he is finished, and then put the pattern up for others to make him!


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